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SBS Service Starter/Restarter

Created: 05 Nov 2012 • Updated: 05 Nov 2012
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In order to deploy images, you must start the SBS services in a certain order (if you don't have dependencies set up, as is default). 

The bigger issue is, while imaging a computer, you may have to restart them in order for a computer to be allowed to boot into WinPE through PXE (ie, it reports "PXE-e0f: Exiting boot agent..."), as it may not be a "known" computer.  Eventually, it gets tiring logging into the server (or using Computer Management and connecting to it), opening services, and stopping these and restarting these services.  To make it go faster and more productive (for me, it went from about five minutes total to less than 15 seconds to do all the steps), I have made a batch file that you open, and, as long as you have the correct rights to the NS or SS, will automatically do this process for you.

Instructions for setup for first use:

1) Download the "SBS Service" file to a location on your machine that is handy for you.

2) Open the zip file and extract "SBS Service Restarter.bat" to a location on your machine.

3) Edit the file using a plain text editor such as notepad (make sure word wrap and formatting is off).

4) Go to Edit > Replace.

5) Where it says "Find what:", type servername.

6) Where it says "Replace with:" type the name of the Notification or Site Server that manages the computer that you are deploying to.

7) Click Replace All.

8) Go to File > Save.

After setting up, you can just open it normally by double clicking on it.  You may have to right click the batch file and "Run as administrator."