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Shell Script to Manage the Unix and Macintosh client.conf hold_queue Value

Created: 17 Jun 2008 • Updated: 17 Jun 2008
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Do you hate (or don't know how to use) the Unix and Mac vi editor but need to troubleshoot a Unix or Mac client running the Altiris Agent?

Here are a few tips (and a script) to get you on your way.

Quite often, when troubleshooting Unix and Macintosh agent issues, it is helpful to modify certain values in the agent's client.conf file. Among those values is the hold_queue value. The attached shell script can be used in place of using an editor to make the modifications to the client.conf file.

The hold_queue value, when set to a value of 1, will cause all nse files that are normally sent to the NS server to be left in the outgoing queue directory on the client. By default, this is .../nsagent/var/queue on Unix/Linux and .../NSAgent/.var/queue on Macs. When the nse files are kept in the queue, they can be evaluated to determine if correct inventory or status is being reported.

This script requires the use of root privileges or 'sudo' to modify the client.conf file and to restart the agent. If the agent restart process fails or stalls, enter 'ctrl-c' to break the currently running process and rerun the shell script using sudo, e.g., "sudo ./"

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