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SNAC 802.1x and Cisco Wireless Dynamic VLAN Switching Screens, Tool, Link

Created: 14 Aug 2009 • Updated: 19 Aug 2009 | 1 comment
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Hello all,

I want to share the screens of a sample configuration which I managed to get working. Anyone who has enough experience with this technology on wireless should be able to overcome this process easily. By the way, it's helpful to have someone with Cisco AP and WLC knowledge.

The aim is to get a wireless client connecting through a Lightweight Access Point enforced a policy and authenticated by 802.1x
The intention, after the authentication occurs, is to switch the VLAN of the client dynamically as in wired 802.1x Symantec NAC solutions.

The main connection structure is like this:
Client -> LAP -> WLC -> LAN Enforcer -> IAS

( LAP : Lightweight Access Point   |   WLC : Wireless LAN Controller )

What's in the package:

- Screen shots which would give the main idea SEP Manager, Wireless LAN Controller ve Radius server.
- The tool to convert a Cisco AP to Cisco LAP (check and make sure that your APs are convertable) (skip this part if you already have LAPs)
- Configuration export from WLC appliance

While turning an autonom AP to an LAP, please follow this KB article (AP to LAP):

I hope it helps since it took me a long time to gather that information.

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interesting stuff !!!!

can you please attach screenshots of the rest of tabs ( vlan and action) for switch( wlc ) configuration under symantec endpoint protection manager.

Thank you

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