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SVS Logon Hook Sample Provider Source Code

Created: 15 Sep 2006 • Updated: 29 Jul 2010
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SVS User Admin provides a way to execute SVS layer functions based on Winlogon events. The key piece to making this work is the SVS Logon Hook. SVS User Admin includes an XML Provider to deliver configuration to SVS. But, always thinking of the future and our community the Altiris engineering team built the SVS Logon Hook to be easily extensible with other providers. If you would like to build your own provider for user-based control of SVS, here's some help getting started -- the source code for a sample provider!

This code is provided thanks to the efforts of SVS development team members Dale Bethers and Jeremy Hurren (aka lordjeb).

A word of caution, however -- logon hooks can be powerful things! From Altiris development:

"SVS Logon Hook" is a Winlogon Notification Package DLL; DLLs that register with the "SVS Logon Hook", using the registry settings and entry points shown in the sample, will run during system logon. If these DLLs crash, it may become difficult if not impossible to login to the computer they are running on. You should not undertake the writing of one of these DLLs without an understanding of Winlogon and the security concerns associated with it. This link has information on Winlogon Notification Packages.

And the usual disclaimers: Altiris does not guarantee that the functionality of the "SVS Logon Hook" will be integrated with future releases of Software Virtualization or that if it is that the shipping version will maintain backwards compatibility with the interfaces used in this example.

Go forth and code! And please share your results with the community!

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