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Symantec Out-of-Band 7.5 Discovery Utility v1.0

Created: 06 Feb 2014 • Updated: 06 Feb 2014 | 5 comments
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Symantec Out-of-Band Discovery Utility v1.0

OOB Discovery Utility is a stand-alone package that helps you check the endpoints in their environment and detect client computers with support of OOB technologies.

OOB Discovery Utility does the following:

  • Detects the endpoints with support of Intel vPro (AMT) technology.
  • Detects the endpoints with support of BroadCom DASH technology.


Since Out of Band Management Component is no longer bundled with ITMS, Symantec now provides a separate discovery tool to help you detect client computers that support OOB technologies. After you install or upgrade to ITMS 7.5, you need download the OOB Discovery Utility that is attached to this article, install it, and the run the utility to detect endpoints with support of OOB technologies and to gather basic inventory of configuration for such client computers.

  • It shows you where OOB functionality can be used.
  • It shows what needs to be configured on client computers to expand endpoint management possibilities.
  • It lets you continue to use Real-Time System Manager solution capabilities

Description and installation

OOB Discovery Utility can only be installed on Notification Server version 7.5 or higher.

OOB Discovery Utility, provided by Symantec, is as standalone MSI package.

You need to download the file that is attached to this article and then, do the following:

  1. Copy the Altiris_OOBUtilityInstall.msi file to a location on the Notification Server computer.
  2. Run the command prompt as an Administrator, and define the new location to which you copied the Altiris_OOBUtilityInstall.msi file.
  3. Run the following command line: msiexec /i Altiris_OOBUtilityInstall.msi
  4. In the installer Wizard that opens, click Next, then on the Choose Setup Type page, click Complete, and then click Next again.
  5. Click Install.
  6. After the installation is completed, click Finish.

Out-Of-Band Discovery Task uses the specific Out-Of-Band Discovery Package that is created in the NSCap folder on the NS Server.

OOB Discovery Utility creates specific new features in the Symantec Management Console.

  • A software delivery task under Job and Tasks > Samples > Real Time Console Infrastructure > Helper tasks.
  • Two new filters under Filters > Hardware Filters: AMT capable computers and DASH Capable Computers.
  • A new Out-of-Band Capable Computers report, under Reports > Remote Management > Real-Time Console Infrastructure.
  • A new data class OOB Capabilities.

You can use data class fields to create corresponding custom filters and reports.

Actions and parameters

To collect inventory about OOB capable client computers, you need to execute the Out-Of-Band Discovery Task on the previously discovered resources, that have the Symantec Management Agent running.

Once the task is completed, you can check the Out-of-Band Capable Computers report to see, if any client computers in your environment support OOB technologies and if they are configured for out-of-band management or not.

Custom reports, targets, save searches or filters can also be created based on the collected OOB inventory.

Utility collects the inventory data about Intel AMT using the following parameters:

  • System UUID
  • Is the corresponding WMI provider installed
  • Is the computer AMT Capable
  • Is AMT Enabled
  • Is AMT Configured
  • Is HECI (Management Engine Driver) installed
  • Version of HECI (Management Engine) driver
  • Version of AMT

Following actions need to be taken if critical parameters are detected as false:

  • AMT Enabled == false

You should enable Intel AMT in BIOS

  • HECI Driver Installed == false

You should install HECI (Management Engine) driver

  • AMT Configured == false

You should configure the endpoint using Intel RCS server

Utility collects the inventory data about Broadcom DASH using the following parameters:

  • System UUID
  • Is the corresponding WMI provider installed
  • Is the computer DASH Capable
  • Is DASH Enabled
  • Is DASH Configured
  • Is BMAPI installed
  • Version of BMAPI driver
  • Version of DASH

Following actions need to be taken if critical parameters are detected as false:

  • DASH Enabled == false

You should enable management engine in BIOS

  • Broadcom WMI Provider Available == false

You should install Broadcom Advanced Console

  • DASH Configured == false

You should configure endpoint using Broadcom utilities (Broadcom Advanced Console)

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Very nice Joel.

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Amazing! :D

Rafael Fontana

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vikas1101's picture

Hi Joel

Is this required any plug in to be installed on client system or not????

Like ITMS 7.1 it has Out of Band Management plug-in availabale in the console..

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tendickt's picture

Hi Joel,

I'm getting an error that the application requires 7.5 or greater yet I'm running 7.6.  Any suggestions?


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There is a newer version available.

This version seems to install correctly on 7.6.

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