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Symantec Workspace Virtualization Layer Definition Tool

Created: 26 Mar 2010 • Updated: 29 Mar 2012 | 4 comments
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The Layer Definition tool is a command-line driven application that performs two operations:
1) Exports a virtual application package to a layer definition file and
2) Creates or Modifies a virtual application layer using a layer definition file.

Installation Instructions

Download and expand Double-click SwvldfSetup.msi to install the tool.

If desired, download just the SWV Layer Definition Tool files by downloading and expanding Use this in cases where it is desirable to access the files without invoking the installer (msi).

If the Layer Definition tool is invoked from a command prompt with no parameters, the following usage information is printed to the screen:

Usage: swvldf.exe [-x <ldf file> | -i <ldf file> ]

Export Layer Definition: swvldf.exe -x <ldf file> -l <layer name or ID> options -[rwRWmoeLF]

   Valid Options:
   l = Layer name or ID of the layer whose definition is to be exported.
   r = Include RO Sub-layer files in layer definition file.
   w = Include RW Sub-layer files in layer definition file.
   R = Include RO Sub-layer registry entries in layer definition file.
   W = Include RW Sub-layer registry in layer definition file.
   m = Include Sub-layer meta registry in layer definition file.
   o = Overwrite layer definition file if it exists.
   e = Embed all export data in single ldf file.
   g = Generate source path for layer files using local file repository.
   L = Turn on Logging. Must be followed by log level (0-3) (e.g. -L 3).
   F = Log to file (e.g. -F c:\logfile.log). Ignored if -L is not specified.

Create or Modify Layer: swvldf -i <ldf file> [-MlnvsopkLF]

   Valid Options:
   M = Modify Existing Layer. Note: -l <layer guid> must be specified.
   l = Layer name or ID of the layer to be modified. Ignored if -M is not specified.
   n = Create using new layer ID. If not set, Layer ID from ldf definition file used.
   v = Turn off file version checking.
   s = Only process <file-source> tags within the layer definition file.
   o = Overwrite package file if it exists. Ignored if -p is not specified.
   p = Export Layer to package file (e.g. -p c:\package.vsa)
   k = Keep layer when creating a package. Ignored if -p is not specified.
   L = Turn on Logging. Must be followed by log level (0-3) (e.g. -L 3).
   F = Log to file (e.g. -F c:\logfile.log). Ignored if -L is not specified.

Post-Installation Instructions

The SWVLDF installation will add the installation location of SWVLDF.EXE to
the environment path. It may be necessary to log off, then log back on to Windows
to force the changes to the "PATH" environment variable to be upated.
In order to run SWVLDF.EXE, open a command prompt and type SWVLDF.exe.
The usage screen should displayed on the console.

Documenation, a tutorial and a collection of LDF (Layer Definition File) for SWVLDF.EXE
can be found here: 

Symantec Workspace Virtualization Layer Definition Tool

Change Log
Date Version Change Description
12/22/10 Wizard Install with EULA
12/22/10 Includes GUI SWV Layer Creation Tool
12/22/10 Includes better proxy server support. If IE proxy settings are defined, these settings are used automatically.
 8/15/11  Resolved bug with HTTP downloads. Now supports resumed downloads.
 9/05/11  Resolved bug with handling Windows Services properly.
 9/29/11  Virtual Application Library control modified to support configurable logging level. Result is improved performce due to reduced message handling.

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After seeing this at Vision I had to install it.  However, it's failing to install on 3 computers with an error 1722... basically the installer spawns a DOS box (probably custom actions) and then fails.  I've pulled this from the event log:

Product: SWV Layer Definition Tool -- Error 1722. There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected. Contact your support personnel or package vendor.  Action _FC16CBE8_BF00_419E_9AAD_C44FAC51FBC9, location: C:\WINDOWS\Installer\MSI537.tmp, command: "INSTALL<>C:\Program Files\Symantec\SWV Layer Definition Tool\"

Also, I'm seeing that it's changing the registry key for my system Path definitions from REG_EXPAND_SZ to a simple REG_SZ and as a result path variables are no longer respected in DOS windows.

Any ideas?

<Edit>  XP SP3, fully-patched, .NET 3.5SP1, SVW Client 6.1SP1MP1HF2, etc.

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karl_bunnell's picture

A custom action within the swvldfSetup.msi had a bug that caused this failure. I've uploaded a fixed version of the MSI. The new swvldfSetup.msi no longer has the Wizard interface that it had before. It has been streamlined to simply install the tool along with a couple of shortcuts and add the path to the swvldf.exe tool to the "PATH" environment variable.

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HighTower's picture

That did the trick.  Thanks for the quick response!

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Yeah! its usefull. thanks symantec for this. but first let me try if its working for me.


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