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Symantec Workspace Virtualization Process Launcher for Isolated Virtual Applications

Created: 27 May 2010 • Updated: 29 Jul 2010 | 1 comment
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The isolated application launcher is utility that can be placed in a visible virtual application layer for the purpose of launching a process in a virtual application layer that is isolated from the base operating system. When a virtual application layer's "visibility" flag is set to "Hide from Operating System" its shortcuts are not visible to the OS and therefore do not appear. A "Launch Layer" with the process launcher can be used to expose shortcuts to applications that are in a Hidden Layer (i.e. hidden from the base operating system).

How the process works

The launcher application is placed in a layer (Launch Layer) that is visible to the operating system. A registry key is added to the Launch Layer which instructs the launcher which process to load from a Hidden Layer. A shortcut is added to the Launch Layer that points to the launcher application. The Hidden Layer has its "Hide from Operating System" flag set and its "Hide from other layers" unset (not checked in SWV Admin). The Launch layer must have its "Hide this layer from other layers" unset. 

Layer Definition Files coupled with execution scripts provide a simplified process for creating a "Launch Layer" for processes in "Hidden Layers". 

The launcher looks for the following registry key to be created in the Launch Layer in which it resides:

where "Path" is the full path to the process to launch. If this key is not defined, not defined properly or the Hidden Layer is not active then an error message is presented indicating that the launch failed. 

The text that defines this key in an LDF file appears as follows:


"Path"="[_B_]PROGRAMFILES[_E_]\\Internet Explorer 8\\iexplore.exe"

How the code works
The launcher is a very simple application written in C++ that simply reads the path to the process to launch from a registry key defined in the layer in which it resides and invokes "CreateProcess() to invoke the process in a Hidden Layer. 

The source code is included as a download as well as the compiled Launcher application. 

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I can't find the file launchit.h in Is it possible that you could publish it.

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