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discussion comment 18 Sep 2017
discussion comment 18 Sep 2017
new article 07 Sep 2017
In this Article I will run through the differences in the Page Source when you add AngularJS to your Web Forms. Table Of Contents List Grid Date Pickers Charts Custom - Checkers Page Source (this) ... There are changes to the JS / CSS files. The Angular Directives are added to the page. For more information go to the following site and run through some ...
updated article 07 Sep 2017
In this Article I will run through how to use some custom AngularJS javascript and css to add anything to a form. Table Of Contents List Grid Date Pickers Charts Custom - Checkers (this) Page Source ... Firstly we need some Angular code, Merge Text - add the ...
new article 07 Sep 2017
In this Article I will run through how to enable AngularJS when using Chart Components. Table Of Contents List Grid Date Pickers Charts (this) Custom - Checkers Page Source ... ​ Create a new Project and add a Web Form to your main Model. Search for a Web Chart Component and add it to your page. Setup the necessary properties to display some data. Web ...
updated article 07 Sep 2017
In this Article I will run through how to enable AngularJS when using a DatePicker Component. Table Of Contents List Grid Date Pickers (this) Charts Custom - Checkers Page Source ... On a Web Form add a Date Picker ...
updated article 07 Sep 2017
With the new "Software Request Process" in ServiceDesk 8.1 there have been some new Reports added to the SMP. These can be found in the  SMP. Reports | Service and Asset Management | ServiceDesk There are also a number of Hidden Reports. --- Available Software This shows what Software can be chosen for a Machine in the Request. In the Model: List Available Software there is a new ...
updated article 06 Sep 2017
In this Article I will run through how to enable AngularJS when using a Grid Component. Table Of Contents List Grid (this) Date Pickers Charts Custom - Checkers Page Source ... Firstly you will need to enable AngularJS in your Project. Once you have created a new Project, go to the main  Project and tick "Use AngularJs Capability". Add a Form Component onto your ...
updated article 06 Sep 2017
In this series of Articles I will run through using the new AngularJS Components in Workflow. If you are unfamiliar with AngularJS there are lots of resources available to learn this framework. Many thanks to  BCason for some examples on this. Table Of Contents List (this) Grid Date Pickers Charts Custom - Checkers Page ...
updated blog entry 15 Sep 2017
The world has experienced a number of catastrophic weather events in recent weeks. We’ve seen the images of the destruction caused by recent hurricanes Harvey and Irma, and the devastating impact on the people of Texas, Florida, Belize, Nicaragua, Honduras, Cuba, and many islands in the Caribean. In South Asia, monsoon season has been unusually harsh and the resulting floods across India, ...
updated blog entry 11 Sep 2017
Some parts of a Process View Page are rendered without an associated configuration interface. An example of this would be the 'Send Email' Process Action from within a ServiceDesk Ticket View. For our purpose, let us say that we do not want to use this feature. We can hide the 'Send Email' Process Action in the Ticket View with the following technique: 1) Modify the Portal Template that is ...
new blog entry 08 Sep 2017
Symantec is proud to have been once again named a Sustainability Leader on both the Dow Jones Sustainability (DJSI) World and DJSI North America indices along with just six other software technology companies. This is our eleventh consecutive year listed on the North America Index and our tenth consecutive year on the World Index. The DJSI series, launched in 1999, is the longest ...
updated blog entry 30 Aug 2017
Product donation is Symantec’s largest mechanism to support the nonprofit community and help nonprofits fulfill their missions. In partnership with TechSoup, each year we provide cybersecurity solutions to more than 25,000 organizations across 55 countries worldwide, allowing them to secure their most important data wherever it lives. Since launching the software donation program in 2002, ...
updated blog entry 28 Aug 2017
2017 Endpoint Management Technical Worklshop held May 16-17 Session: IT Management Suite 8.1 and Ghost 3.2 Deep Dive (Presentation) Presenter: Brian Sheedy and Tomas Chinchilla, Symantec Video of this Session (Part 1) Video of this Session (Part 2)
updated blog entry 23 Aug 2017
2017 Endpoint Management Technical Worklshop held May 16-17 Session: Zero to Cloud-enabled Management (Presentation) Presenter: Tomas Chinchilla and Brian Sheedy, Symantec Video of this session:
updated blog entry 23 Aug 2017
2017 Endpoint Management Technical Worklshop held May 16-17 Session: IT Management Suite 8.1 Migration Best Practices (Presentation) Presenter: Tomas Chinchilla, Symantec and Ian Atkin (Oxford University) Video of this session:
updated blog entry 17 Aug 2017
2017 Endpoint Management Technical Worklshop held May 16-17 Session: Mac Management (Presentation) Presenter: David Evans, Symantec Video of the session:
new download 26 Jul 2017
While recently attempting to add a webpart with a report and chart to create a dashboard, a customer discovered that as they moused over the data points in the chart, the tooltip splashed a very nice tooltip with a yellow background and white text.  Very nice, but completely unreadable.  The new revised CSS file for Worfklow and Servicedesk is attached below.  The password is ...
updated download 20 Jul 2017
Introduction One thing you learn in Endpoint Management rather quickly is the importance of reporting. Reports help proactively manage your IT environment, track it, and plan for its ever-evolving future. The criticality of this feature has meant that through the years Symantec has gifted the Altiris portfolio a strong reporting capability. Each solution comes with helpful ...
updated event 12 Sep 2017
NetX a Symantec Authorized Training Partner (ATP) delivers Instructor-led Training Classes either on-site or remotely.  We offer over 20 different Symantec Classes, for a complete list please visit Attend from your home, office or one of our convenient locations.   Our training classes are Guaranteed to Run, We Never Cancel!  Symantec IT ...
updated event 05 Sep 2017
Please join us for our next Nashville Data Loss Prevention User Group meeting, Wednesday September 6th, 2017, from 10:30 am to 1:00 pm at Deloitte Services - 4022 Sells Dr. Hermitage, TN 37076.  Lunch will be served! Tentative Agenda: 10:30 – 10:45: Welcome & Introductions 10:45 – 11:45: Symantec Presentation: Chris Mitchell - DLP 15 11:45 – 12:15: Lunch 12:15 – 12:45: ...
updated event 29 Aug 2017
Welcome to the first ever Stockholm User Group Meeting for Symantec Endpoint Management Altiris. Together with Symantec's Altiris Experts Richard Combes and Paul Butler we invite you to an Exclusive Endpoint Management Workshop   We will start in the morning in Hotel Kung Carl in central Stockholm We will cover all the latest features and updates that where released in Altiris 8.1 but ...
updated event 29 Aug 2017
Join us for the next New York Endpoint Management User Group meeting -- rescheduled to May 16, 2017 from 10:30 to 2:00 pm, at Guggenheim Partners, 330 Madison Avenue in Manhattan.  Lunch will be served! Agenda: 10:30 am - Welcome & Introductions -- Jared Freeman  11:00 am - Live Webcast to cover the launch of ITMS 8.1/GSS 3.2 12:00 am - Customer Lunch & Networking Session 1:00 ...
updated event 29 Aug 2017
Please join us for the next Denver EPM User Group meeting on May 16, 2017 from 8:30 am to 12:00 pm at Great-West Financial: 8515 E. Orchard Road Greenwood Village, CO 80111.   Agenda: 8:30 am – 9:00: Welcome and Introductions 9:00 – 10:30: Symantec Presentation: Live Webcast to cover the launch of ITMS 8.1/GSS 3.2 10:30 – 11:30: Customer Round Table Discussions 11:30 – 12:00: ...
updated event 29 Aug 2017
Anunciamos el próximo encuentro del Grupo de Usuarios Regional de Endpoint Management a realizarse el 12 de septiembre de 2017 en Buenos Aires. Estrategia de Symantec - Ignacio Conti - Named Accounts Manager SOLA Symantec IT Management Suite 8.1 (Altiris technology) - Tomás Chinchilla - Principal Product Manager Contaremos con charlas técnicas de especialistas del exterior. Caso de análisis: ...
new event 16 Aug 2017
Let’s face it, Patch Management historically hasn’t been sexy. . Despite it being a critical part of any security program, many organizations are still struggling to solve these challenges and often for good reason…it’s complicated and rife with mundane activities and tasks.  What’s worse is that a majority of today’s threats are exploiting these well-known and abundant ...
updated event 15 Aug 2017
Please see the link here to the Irish user group
updated event 03 Aug 2017
For all sports fans out there, you don't want to miss this meetup. There will be breakfast, prizes, and the Official Buffalo Bills NFL team practicing right before your eyes! This meeting is for both EPM as well as security users who are located in and around the Western New York area. The correct time of the meetup (in case your Symantec Connect calendar is ...
updated video 27 Jun 2017
This is a how to video on using advanced math the ‘easy way’ in Workflow Solution. In this video, you will see how to run through the formula component editor, test the formula component, and use the formula component in a workflow. This video will not cover advanced math that requires you to know C# or the Workflow component API. For more information, please see the guide at the following ...
updated video 27 Jun 2017
This is a how to video on using the Web App Project Type that was introduced in Workflow 7.5. In this video, you will learn about the Web App Project type and see how to create and configure it. The Web App project type allows Workflow, Dialog, and Service models in the same project. It gives you complete control of how the project is consumed by allowing you to define multiple web pages and ...
updated video 22 Jun 2017
Process Type Actions are Workflow processes that you can launch from the Process View page. The Incident and Change Management Process View pages include a set of default Process Type Actions as quick links. These actions are in the Tasks and Actions section in the Process Actions subsection. These actions save time and can improve the turnaround of incident resolution and change ...
updated video 22 Jun 2017
The new Sent Incident to Workflow ruleset action gives you the ability to create custom Workflow logic for your Incident and Change Managmenet processes in a way that allows that custom logic to be upgradeable to future ServiceDesk versions.  This video demonstrates how to create and deploy Workflow projects that can be called from a ServiceDesk ruleset.  Also attched is the template ...
updated video 22 Jun 2017
This is the second video in the two part series demonstrating adding custom fields to a ServiceDesk ticket. Video Overview: 1) Create Process Profile 2) Modify Process View Page for new Variables Link to Part 1:
updated video 22 Jun 2017
This video is the first in a two part series demonstrating how to add custom fields to Incident Management. Video Overview: 1. Open Feeder Forms Project 2. Create in new Integration Library 3. Create generator for "User Defined Type with DB Mapping"      •Include Field for SessionID      •Add Read/Write Components for Data Type 4. Create Variable in feeder ...
updated video 22 Jun 2017
This video provides an overview of the two methods for adding custom data to a ServiceDesk Ticket (Incident, Change, etc).  Both methods require utilizing the Workflow Designer to implement the customization, and therefore are targets for advanced users. Video Overview: •Architecture of Adding Custom Data      –Upgradeable      –Reportable •Method 1: Custom ...
updated video 22 Jun 2017
This video walks though managing email templates in ServiceDesk, as well as, creating rules to automatically send those templates based on process or data events.
updated idea 25 Aug 2017
Hello Symantec, This is regarding SEP SBE .cloud. Issue is the cloud agent has been automatically upgraded on all our systems without our knowledge. On all systems pops are constantly showing up requesting a reboot. Please stop immediately your policy for pushing automatically upgrades requiring server reboot and the annoying reboot prompt messages! We are running business software on our ...
new idea 11 Aug 2017
Looking to see if Cisco WebEx Network Recording Player could be added to the list of patched products.
updated idea 31 Jul 2017
We have encountered the issue documented here: Some patch installations will pop a cmd window when they install even if you have the default behavior set to use a hidden window. Because this is unexpected behavior (we have always used hidden windows),  this drives calls to our help desk.The idea that I am posting is to add a confirmation ...
updated idea 26 Jul 2017
Please make a list of what SEP policies work on Windows but do not work on Mac so that we can plan our deployments accordingly. It's devastating to stumble into issues blindly over and over. Thank you
updated idea 26 Jul 2017
HI Team, I have come to know SEP client will not support Windows 10 Embedded OS and UWF mode hence we are not able to make the compliance in one of the project. So we are requesting to enhancement requests to support this new feature ASAP.  Regards Ravichandran.R
updated idea 25 Jul 2017
Team, We have more than 100 Linux SEP clients. It gives Component Malfunction error and disables the Auto Protect functionality after every kernel upgrade. There is workaround suggested by Support but this is not really the solution where there are often kernel upgrade happens.  Looking for a permanent fix else will need to look for other solution.
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