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Webinar: The Evolving Perimeter: IT Management and Security in the “AV is Dead” Era

Created: 03 Jun 2014 • Updated: 05 Jun 2014
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Live Webinar
Thu, 12 June, 2014 - 11:00 - 12:00 MDT

Have you heard the news?  “AV is dead!”  So says Brian Dye, Symantec’s senior vice president for information security.  Though this may not be earth-shattering information to most of us, it does warrant a conversation around how companies should be rethinking their security strategy.  Further, the old “hard, crunchy shell / soft, gooey center” model of IT security and management doesn’t work any more.  Our users, systems, and data simply don’t stay “inside” our private network anymore.  Cloud services, mobile devices, and external hosting are on the rise.  So what can we do to make sure sensitive information is kept safe, while empowering our users to take advantage of the new flexibility promised by these emerging technologies.

In this webinar, we will define the challenges posed by the evolution of the network and services “perimeter” and begin to explore ways we, the guardians of IT, can meet those challenges effectively.

We explore questions including:

  • What do you mean when you say, “AV is dead”?
  • What happened to our perimeter, anyway?
  • If we can’t build a secure “fortress,” how can we hope to protect our systems and data?
  • What solutions and practices can I adopt to maximize user-empowerment while minimizing risk?