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Authentication Services

Public Group | Founded: 12 Aug 2011 | Serving 81 members

The Identity and Authentication Services group is open to all new and existing customers interested in learning more about the products offered and changes that are coming as part of Symantec.

Symantec Identity and Authentication products include:

  • Validation and ID Protection Service (VIP)
  • Managed PKI Service
  • Identity Access Manager (SAM) 

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Group Activity

New blog entry 18 Dec 2012
Microsoft Security Product Manager Markellos Diorinos is interviewed online on the subject of Extended Validation SSL. Just go down to the podcasts near the middle of the page and click on the link with Markellos's name. It's a good summary of the EV ...
New blog entry 18 Dec 2012
This article discusses a bunch of research about how various security aspects can increase conversions on your site. In particular it discusses security marks and shared SSL Certificates.
New blog entry 18 Dec 2012
If you're going to AOTA (Authentication and Online Trust Alliance) Summit 2008, be sure to come by and see my panel. You'll never guess the topic. It's Extended Validation SSL! Who would have guessed? The panel also contains PayPal CISO Michael ...
New blog entry 18 Dec 2012
Busy morning today. VeriSign announced its intention to acquire GeoTrust for approximately $125 million in cash.
New blog entry 18 Dec 2012
SSL Blog readers are aware that HSBC has deployed EV SSL on its first direct site. Now this new press release details the bank's plans to roll out EV SSL to all its online banking customers. Barry Jones, Senior Manager of Group IT Security at HSBC is ...
New blog entry 18 Dec 2012
It's a busy week for VeriSign announcements. Two days ago we announced our support of IDN on SSL. Yesterday we announced VeriSign code signing for the Adobe AIR platform.
New blog entry 18 Dec 2012
I've written quite a bit on this blog about what has carried the code name High Assurance SSL Certificates. Well, the industry consortium creating the new standard has decided on an official name for them, which is Extended Validation. So when you ...
New blog entry 18 Dec 2012
A while ago I wrote about the idea that many pages don't have SSL that really should. Well, it's happening. Phishers are targeting MySpace users.
New blog entry 18 Dec 2012
This recent blog entry goes over how CardSpace works with EV SSL Certificates, non-EV SSL Certificates, and sites without SSL at all. CardSpace is a Microsoft initiative to create a secure interface for your various identifying pieces of information ...