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Authentication Services

Public Group | Founded: 12 Aug 2011 | Serving 80 members

The Identity and Authentication Services group is open to all new and existing customers interested in learning more about the products offered and changes that are coming as part of Symantec.

Symantec Identity and Authentication products include:

  • Validation and ID Protection Service (VIP)
  • Managed PKI Service
  • Identity Access Manager (SAM) 

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Group Activity

New blog entry 18 Dec 2012
Dixons is live with Extended Validation certificates on its major sites including PC World and Currys. Dixons joins leading online shopping properties like eBay, PayPal, and in showing its customers that the company has gone out of its ...
New blog entry 18 Dec 2012
VeriSign recently got back the results of some extremely interesting research. We commissioned a third party to compare the Netcraft SSL list to the Alexa 1 Million, which is Alexa's list of the one million most visited domains in the world. This ...
New blog entry 18 Dec 2012
Well it finally happened. Not in time for the tax season, but it finally happened that a leading tax site has deployed EV SSL. The site in question is the Canadian branch of H&R Block. I'm very happy to see that because as I've written in the ...
New blog entry 18 Dec 2012
Mary Meeker, famed Internet analyst for Morgan Stanley, delivered a powerful presentation on Technology/Internet Trends at this week's Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco. While she kicked off with a vivid depiction of just how brutal the economy is right ...
New blog entry 18 Dec 2012
The leaders in online security continue adoption. This time it's investment giant Vanguard, which has deployed Extended Validation SSL from VeriSign.
New blog entry 18 Dec 2012
Here's an interesting blog entry getting under the covers of a recent phishing attack. For anyone who's interested in the subject, it's a worthwhile read.
New blog entry 18 Dec 2012
Okay, I got back from my vacation and installed Firefox Beta 2 today. Contrary to early reports, it does not appear to have any support for EV SSL included. I'll continue to look into it and let you know if my initial ten-minute squint at the product ...
New blog entry 18 Dec 2012
Earlier this year we released a web site malware scanning capability as part of the VeriSign Trust Seal, using technology from our partner Armorize. By virtue of the large volume of VeriSign seals on web sites, Symantec's SSL business has quickly ...
New blog entry 18 Dec 2012
Valentine's Day represents one of the big shopping periods of the year. Even though the current economy is trying to block Cupid's arrow, online shoppers are still expressing their love this week. The National Retail Federation estimates that $14.7 ...