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Authentication Services

Public Group | Founded: 12 Aug 2011 | Serving 80 members

The Identity and Authentication Services group is open to all new and existing customers interested in learning more about the products offered and changes that are coming as part of Symantec.

Symantec Identity and Authentication products include:

  • Validation and ID Protection Service (VIP)
  • Managed PKI Service
  • Identity Access Manager (SAM) 

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Group Activity

New blog entry 18 Dec 2012
In yesterday's posting on the Debian security hole and VeriSign's response, I neglected to mention that we will be offering free reissuance for code signing certificates just as we will for SSL.
New blog entry 18 Dec 2012
A couple days ago I wrote about the power of secure Internet connections to enable behavior that otherwise on many occasions wouldn't be possible for various of us due to one circumstance or another. Today I am one of those people.
New blog entry 18 Dec 2012
Apologies for being late to the party on this one, but I have recently come to the realization that social networking friendly browser Flock has had EV support for a while, probably since October 15. I didn't get the word before now, most likely ...
New blog entry 18 Dec 2012
I just got home from the Online Trust Alliance's Online Trust and Cybersecurity Forum in Washington D.C. It was a very eventful summit, including a keynote from Commerce Secretary Gary Locke. The speech I moderated went great, with a wealth of ...
New blog entry 18 Dec 2012
Symantec's SSL business is happy to be participating in a few philanthropic programs this holiday season on behalf of our customers. For our annual gift to our VeriSign SSL customers, Symantec will give the gift of education to hundreds of children by ...
New blog entry 18 Dec 2012
The Street picked up some tips I published for people to protect themselves online. That fact got me reading the article originally, but what I want to call your attention to today is the other half of the article, which details some interesting ...
New blog entry 18 Dec 2012
In a very interesting recent study based on clever use of the Freedom of Information Act, a Boalt School of Law staff attorney was able to determine which sites yield the most victims of identity theft. Here are the full results. Security blogger ...
New blog entry 18 Dec 2012
I am hitting the road next week for a big international business trip. As I pull together my various power converters and triple check that I packed my passport, I thought that this week's edition of Prime Angus Cuts should be dedicated to some tips ...