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Authentication Services

Public Group | Founded: 12 Aug 2011 | Serving 81 members

The Identity and Authentication Services group is open to all new and existing customers interested in learning more about the products offered and changes that are coming as part of Symantec.

Symantec Identity and Authentication products include:

  • Validation and ID Protection Service (VIP)
  • Managed PKI Service
  • Identity Access Manager (SAM) 

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Group Activity

New blog entry 18 Dec 2012
In April of this year faculty from Harvard and UC Berkeley released a research paper titled "Why Phishing Works." The researchers showed panelists a series of pages from Web sites that would be considered likely phishing targets. Some of these pages ...
New blog entry 18 Dec 2012
Greetings from down under. I'm here to give a presentation at the Online Retailer conference and expo, which is Australia's largest trade show focused on the online retail segment. My focus is web site malware distribution and the drive-by download. ...
New blog entry 18 Dec 2012
Chinese megabank ICBC has deployed Extended Validation SSL. The Forbes Global 2000 lists this bank as the 42nd largest in the world and the largest in China. This deployment is noteworthy because it illustrates that EV SSL is a worldwide phenomenon ...
New blog entry 18 Dec 2012
Here's a nice writeup of research involving consumer fears of online transations, trusted security marks, and Extended Validation SSL. Just thought I'd share.
New blog entry 18 Dec 2012
Yesterday my VeriSign colleague Mike Davies and I ran a 70-minute breakout session here at the RSA Security conference. It went really well with a good turnout and a number of intelligent questions. We covered Extended Validation SSL, two-factor ...
New blog entry 18 Dec 2012
I was so busy last week with my frantic Japan trip that I didn't have an opportunity to blog about VeriSign's EV SSL bundle with ScanAlert HACKER SAFE. ScanAlert will be offering VeriSign Extended Validation SSL Certificates to its HACKER SAFE ...
New blog entry 18 Dec 2012
I will be speaking at the Discover YouTube event in San Bruno, California on Monday, June 9. I will be discovering VeriSign's award-winning Cart Whisperer campaign. If you're coming to the event, make sure to introduce yourself.
New blog entry 18 Dec 2012
Busy day today, which is why this blog is so late. In addition to my track session and hosted lunch at eTail West in Palm Desert, CA (both of which went very well, thank you) VeriSign today announced the VeriSign Trust Seal, which will be generally ...
New blog entry 18 Dec 2012
A recent trend in phishing has been to simulate the letter W by putting a pair of Vs in a row (e.g. as opposed to I don't know if that's why Bank of the West was an early EV SSL adopter, but it may be. The latest ...