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Symantec has partnered with banks and financial institutions for more than 25 years to secure and manage information and we would like to share our knowledge and intelligence with you. We will comment on current trends and market news and provide updates on how financial institutions can optimise their IT environment to contribute to growth and innovation.

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New blog entry 31 Jan 2012
In a couple of week’s time Symantec will be exhibiting at Mobile World Congress to showcase the technologies that support and help build protection for the mobile world. There is an abundance of areas where technology and users are racing to get ...
New discussion 09 Jan 2012
Financial services supplier Fiducia in Germany has given us a showcase in multilayer security, which is an absolute must for banks, trading houses and other finance actors. I really enjoy seeing how some players think about security and how they have ...
New blog entry 31 Aug 2011
I have posted cloud computing commentary for Finance customers at: Having spent the last four years ingesting, disecting and putting back together, comment from my customers, colleagues at other ...
New discussion 23 Aug 2011
In a recent survey conducted across major cities in Europe, IDC Financial Insights found that 45% of respondents are unaware of the number and nature of security events their organization has encountered in the past 12 months.  How can this ...
New blog entry 19 Aug 2011
The Banking Technology Mobile summit was held earlier this summer and with a full day of mobile and banking content combined with technology. It is truly exciting as we see La Caixa rolling out mobile contactless payments in the ...