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Discovery and Inventory

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This group is designed to help system administrators utilize the Network Discovery, Inventory, Application Metering, and Asset Management capabilities in ITMS.

A team of Symantec experts will closely monitor this group and highlight helpful resources so that they are easier to find. Members of this group can use these experts as a sounding board for their questions and ideas. Users are strongly encouraged to share product extensions, such as custom inventory scripts.

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New discussion 16 Jan 2019
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New article 06 Dec 2018
Identifying the Problem Location The key to fixing Inventory problems is identifying what is causing them in the first place. The difficulty is that a myriad of problems will result in the same basic symptoms: Inventory is out of date or stale ...
New article 06 Dec 2018
Target Systems Not Running Inventory If target systems are not running Inventory, here are the questions to ask: Does the system have the Plug-in? Is the computer part of the target filter for the policies? Does a custom schedule have an End ...
New article 06 Dec 2018
Does a custom schedule have an End Date that’s passed? By default Inventory Policies have no end date to their schedules. If using the default schedules (listed on the policy as Daily, Weekly, and Monthly) no end date will ever be applied. If using a ...
New article 06 Dec 2018
Applies To / Compliance By default every Inventory Policy, including new ones created, are targeted to the filter: Computers with Inventory Plug-in. The default filter cannot be edited, so it should be removed and a new one added if you wish to change ...
New article 20 Nov 2018
Server Components This section covers the Setting and configuration items located in the Symantec Management Console. These are used for administrative and troubleshooting purposes.   Custom Data Classes To run Custom Inventory, a custom data ...
New article 20 Nov 2018
Policies versus Tasks Both policies and tasks have their pros and cons. I recommend using Policies for most use-cases, but there may be times when a Task is the right choice to be used. The following table provides the pros and cons for each type. ...