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This group is designed to help system administrators utilize the Network Discovery, Inventory, Application Metering, and Asset Management capabilities in ITMS.

A team of Symantec experts will closely monitor this group and highlight helpful resources so that they are easier to find. Members of this group can use these experts as a sounding board for their questions and ideas. Users are strongly encouraged to share product extensions, such as custom inventory scripts.

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New article 15 Feb 2017
We have installed SMA on broad variety of Linux releases, but when I installed SMA 7.6 recently on SUSE 13.2 it failed to start. Installation completed pretty smoothly, but agent reported error "INTEGER EXPECTED" and failed to start. I have located ...
New article 03 Feb 2017
This article presents a sample custom inventory script and custom report that displays the collected custom inventory data. This example looks for Access Database files with an extension of MDB. You can change the file type by changing MDB to the ...
New article 09 Jan 2017
Installation of SMA (Symantec Management Agent) on LINUX is not very complicated, once you understand how LINUX works. Altiris (in version 7.6) is officially supported on Red Hat Linux (RHEL) and SUSE Linux – but you can install SMA on other LINUX ...
New video 03 Jan 2017
This video shows how to build a filter with explicit criteria using the ITMS Management Views. Note: This is a silent video
New video 03 Jan 2017
This video gives you a demonstartion on using the Cloud SymHelp. Cloud SymHelp is a one-stop shop for all the IT Management Suite (ITMS) documentation. All the latest content is availabe by using the search option. Following is the ITMS Cloud ...
New discussion 15 Dec 2016
IT Management Suite 8.0 HF5 is now available, including the following high-lights: 54 issues reported by the customers (186 defects in total) Windows 10 feature updates supported Patch Management capabilities have been enhanced by adding ...
New article 09 Dec 2016
I have completed ESX Discovery and Inventory tasks, but default report did not display data I was expeting: VMM > Host Summary Report    I checked that these data are available in Resource Manager, therefore I have created new report using ...
New article 06 Dec 2016
It may happen that you install SMA on LINUX successfully, and even agent seems to be working fine, you can still see it as “UNTRACKED” in SMP Console. I noticed that behavior on some releases of CentOS and Ubuntu. Reason of that behavior is, that ...