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EMEA EBC Speakers' Corner

Public Group | Founded: 26 Sep 2011 | Serving 10 members

Speakers' Corners are traditionally an area where open-air public speaking, debate, and discussion are allowed. So we have invited our top EBC speakers to use this area as a place where they can share their insights into industry and customer trends with you.

This area will be regularly updated by our best speakers to give you their insight into the latest IT trends and news.

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New blog entry 25 Jun 2013
The industry is buzzing right now with talk of “the information explosion”. In talking to customers and digging a little deeper, it seems that the trend of unmanageable and extreme data growth is largely the fault of “unstructured ...
New blog entry 25 Jun 2013
As discussed in previous blogs the topic of the “information explosion” seems to be top of mind for many IT execs today (unstructured data being the chief protagonist responsible for data growth in most companies). Many IT organisations ...
New blog entry 25 Jun 2013
Throughout 2011 and 2012 so far, it has been interesting to see how organisation’s cloud computing projects have begun to turn from strategy to reality. From plan to execution.. In my role at Symantec, I am lucky enough to be involved ...
New blog entry 25 Jun 2013
The topic of aligning what the IT organisation delivers compared with what any given business actually needs has been the source for much debate for as long as our industry has existed. IT-Business alignment is one of those topics that many speak about ...
New blog entry 10 Sep 2012
Hello ISPs, are you listening? Christos Ventouris, CISA, CISM, CISSP, and Technology Manager for Symantec, wants his ISP to provide the same security for the devices he uses at home as the ones he uses at work. It’s BYOD in reverse. My life ...
New blog entry 03 Jul 2012
Christos Ventouris, CISA, CISM, CISSP, and Technology Manager for Symantec, talks about the real-world consequences for information security and management arising from the austerity measures in his home country of Greece. Greece has voted and is now ...