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Endpoint Management Master Specialization Group

Public Group | Founded: 10 Apr 2012 | Serving 67 members

Welcome to the Endpoint Management Master Specialization Connect Group. You are recognized as a partner that can assess and deliver the solutions required to keep your customers' client and server assets safe while meeting the challenges of data protection and reporting at the endpoint. Utilize this group to communicate with fellow Master Specialized partners and Symantec subject matter experts on the topic of Endpoint Management consulting engagement tools and processes.

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New video 19 Oct 2012
IT Analytics complements and expands upon the reporting and analytics offered by the Symantec Management Platform. The capabilities within the IT Analytics Client Server Management Pack, allow customers to extract maximum value from the data ...
New article 27 Sep 2012
This article is intended to provide a solution to the most common browser issues encountered with IT Analytics Solution 7.1. It is not intended to be an exhaustive troubleshooting guide or support manual. If you need additional assistance ...
New article 27 Sep 2012
The IT Analytics User Interface, its reports, pivot tables, and KPIs, are housed within the Symantec Management Platform (SMP), while the data is stored within a SQL Server Database and SQL Server Analysis Services database. Keep in mind that as with ...
New article 27 Sep 2012
When IT Analytics 7.1 processes data from the configured CMDB’s it is not hierarchy aware.  The data in each CMDB is processed fully into each cube.  If you have multiple client facing Symantec Management Platform servers as well as a ...
New article 27 Sep 2012
IT Analytics 7.1 uses pass-through authentication whenever a user accesses either reports or cubes.  When a user accesses a cube their credentials are passed to the Analysis Service to authenticate his connection.  This also applies to ...