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The purpose of the Endpoint Management News group is to provide you with up-to-date news and release information relevant to Symantec Endpoint Management. 

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New article 16 Apr 2018
Monitoring of GUP servers for availbility for other endpoints is critical aspect in SEPM architechture. GUP server solves the problem of high bandwidth utilization for locations with high endpoint density. GUP servers work on behalf of endpoints to ...
New discussion 04 Apr 2018
Highlights of the value ITMS 8.1 RU6 delivers to customer include: The Symantec IT Management Suite 8.1 RU6 enables you to report on the Symantec Endpoint Protection client (SEP agent) health and start the SEP service on client computers with SEP ...
New discussion 04 Apr 2018
As part of the IT Management Suite 7.6 release, the End-of-Life (EOL) for pcAnywhere Solution was announced. Consequently, in ITMS 7.6, the agent upgrade removed the pcAnywhere Management Agent without removing the pcAnywhere host. However, due to the ...
New discussion 04 Apr 2018
Starting from IT Management Suite version 8.0 HF4, you can replicate data between the servers that have different versions of IT Management Suite installed. Similarly, you can export and import data between servers with different versions of IT ...
New discussion 04 Apr 2018
IT Management Suite 8.0 HF5 is now available, including the following high-lights: 54 issues reported by the customers (186 defects in total) Windows 10 feature updates supported Patch Management capabilities have been enhanced by adding ...