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Healthcare Online User Group

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This group will help Symantec Healthcare Users stay informed of local events, webinars, and be a part of Symantec's Healthcare Community.

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New blog entry 27 Jun 2017
The “Identify” function of the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) lays the groundwork for all cybersecurity actions that will follow. After all, it’s only possible to protect what you know exists. In ...
New blog entry 15 May 2017
The Presidential Policy Directive/PPD 21 of February 12, 2013 on Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience identified 16 sectors as critical infrastructure, including Healthcare and Public Health. Yet, healthcare has been the only one that has ...
New discussion 06 Mar 2017
Raising awareness on the below vulnerabilities in SEP 12.1 and 14: To remediate, upgrade to SEP 12.1.6 MP7 or SEP 14 MP1. You can download from FileConnect:
New video 03 Jan 2017
The Omnibus Final Rule put into effect on September 23, 2013, modified HIPAA’s previous requirements and impacts the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules. In addition to finalizing Breach Notification, Omnibus also significantly increases Civil Monetary ...
New blog entry 01 Sep 2016
There is really no need to tell healthcare they are under attack - - every headline tells them that.  This is not new nor is it news.  In 2015, the primary cause for loss of data shifted from “accidental” (lost devices, lost back up tapes, ...