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This group is focused on implementation best practices, UI guidance, and performance and scalability tips for ITMS.

A Symantec team of experts is tasked with monitoring this group page. We will post content and highlight helpful resources for ITMS administrators. Join us to ask questions, share suggestions with others, and make requests for product improvements. Here are some topics that fit this group page: ITMS installation; first-time setup and configuration; designing your ITMS environment; Notification Server and UI performance; and general usability.

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New video 03 Jan 2017
This is a how-to video on upgrading to IT Management Suite 7.5 Hotfix 3. For more information on IT Management Suite 7.5 Hotfix 3 release, you can refer to the following URL: Note: This is a silent video.
New video 03 Jan 2017
This is a how to video that describes how and when the product listing (PL) file can be updated, and how to configure the proxy server settings for Symantec Installation Manager. For more information, see the guide at the following ...
New video 03 Jan 2017
This is a how to video on upgrading Symantec Management Platform (SMP) or its products through Symantec Installation Manager (SIM) and configuring the SQL Server database for Notification Server (NS) through the Symantec Installation Manager (SIM). ...
New video 03 Jan 2017
This is a how to video on installing Package Service on a Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise computer. A package server is the one which has a package service installed and enabled on it. Package Servers work with Notification Server as local file servers for ...
New video 03 Jan 2017
This is a how to video on what are maintenance windows and how to create maintenance windows on managed computers. A maintenance window is a scheduled time and duration when maintenance operations may be performed on a managed computer. A maintenance ...
New discussion 15 Dec 2016
IT Management Suite 8.0 HF5 is now available, including the following high-lights: 54 issues reported by the customers (186 defects in total) Windows 10 feature updates supported Patch Management capabilities have been enhanced by adding ...