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Mac Management

Public Group | Founded: 07 Dec 2009 | Serving 303 members

The goal of this group is to help system administrators get access to all the tools and information necessary to simplify their job of managing Macs in their corporate environment.

A team of Symantec Mac management experts will watch this group closely and highlight helpful resources for the user community to make them easier to find. This team will also post content to assist with frequently asked Mac management questions and requests. Members of this group will have access to installation and configuration guidelines, valuable how to videos, and examples of customizations that can be quickly leveraged to help you meet your Mac management needs.

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New article 27 Aug 2015
When installing the SMP agent for Mac, the installation fails or displays an expired certificate message. This affects only the SMP Agent for Mac 7.5 SP1+. It does not affect any 7.6 versions. When running the agent install from a command line, the ...
New article 17 Aug 2015
 On occasion, it is necessary to troubleshoot Managed Software Delivery (MSD) detection rules. The following information may prove helpful to finding this information on both the NS and on a Unix, Linux and Mac (ULM) client computer.  For ...
New discussion 05 Aug 2015
We are experiencing some pretty odd issues with most of our Mac clients. All of the clients are running 10.6.8 and are running with the 7.1.8280 agent. The mac clients dont update their configurations correctly. When we click on General (in the ...
New discussion 21 Jul 2015
IT Management Suite 7.6 HF3 is available through SIM. The following features are introduced: Customization of email addresses, used for Software Portal notification. Starting from IT Management Suite 7.6 HF3, ServiceDesk Report pack is ...
New article 25 Jun 2015
To force a Unix, Linux or Mac (ULM) managed client to recreated software component data, do the following:  1. In the NS console, create or edit an inventory task or policy with the following options (the process and options are the same for ...