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The goal of this group is to help system administrators get access to all the tools and information necessary to simplify their job of managing Macs in their corporate environment.

A team of Symantec Mac management experts will watch this group closely and highlight helpful resources for the user community to make them easier to find. This team will also post content to assist with frequently asked Mac management questions and requests. Members of this group will have access to installation and configuration guidelines, valuable how to videos, and examples of customizations that can be quickly leveraged to help you meet your Mac management needs.

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New article 29 Jan 2015
Inventory Solution will gather font data from client machines running supported versions of the Mac OS X operating system.  Font Types Inventory Solution will search for the following font types:   True Type ...
New article 19 Jan 2015
There are several ways to gather inventory data for evaluation and troubleshooting purposes. Any or all of the following methods may be used. 1. Capture copies of NSE files  It is possible to capture copies of the NSE file(s) being ...
New article 19 Jan 2015
The Client Task Agent Command Line Utility The actual binary can be found in the ‘/opt/altiris/notification/ctagent/bin’ directory. A link to aex-cta is found in the ‘/usr/bin’ directory, which is in most Unix, Linux and Macintosh path environment ...
New article 16 Jan 2015
As of the Agent for Unix, Linux and Mac (ULM) 7.1, it is possible to configure which resource keys to ignore during generation of NSE events. This allows for exclusion of any values that would cause a conflict in a given environment. (An ...
New article 16 Jan 2015
In some circumstances, it may be necessary to assign a new resource guid value to a Unix, Linux or Mac (ULM) client. This is typical in the case of merged computer resources in the NS console and two or more clients are assigned the same ...
New blog entry 07 Jan 2015
Announcing the availability of ITMS 7.5 SP1 HF5. This release is available through SIM and contains fixes for the following components: Deployment Solution Inventory Solution Software Management Windows Network Discovery NS Agent NS ...