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Group Activity

New idea 22 Sep 2017
Hello Team, For now we must skip from one server to another to see email in quarantine. Each server has it own quarantine and cheking all this servers is time consuming. This problem affect big organizations where we have from 6 to 12 exchange servers. ...
New idea 22 Sep 2017
Hello Team, What do you think about new user group only for quarantine privilages. Can you do this? We need specific group who will deal with quarantine. For example: release email from quarantine and send it to SOC department. Best Regards Lukasz ...
New idea 22 Sep 2017
Hello Team, Can You add some action to consol? In Content Filtering Rules when we add action to rule we can choose that email will be place in quarantine but notification will be send to recipient or/and sender. Problem is that We want put email in ...
New article 22 Sep 2017
Hello, Here is system requirements for Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1.2 and 12.1.3, for enterprise version and Small Business Edition, and Network Access Control. These sytem requirements for equally to the "enterprise version" and "Small Business" ...
New article 22 Sep 2017
Problem: DLP incidents showing the date format as MM/DD/YY and you wish to change it to DD/MM/YY Solution: By default DLP incidents date format shows as MM/DD/YY (08/29/17) and if you wish to change it to DD/MM/YY (29/08/17), follow the steps ...
New discussion 21 Sep 2017
Hi everybody. We are facing the following issues on DLP solution installed in our customer’s production environment. We need to detect credit card numbers through the following protocols: Local Disks, External Disks, Network Shares, Clipboard, Print, ...
New idea 18 Sep 2017
Can Symantec please review the way accounts are created for the SEPM console. Currently you cannot downgrade an admin to a sysadmin, you would have to delete the current account and then recreate the account with lower permissions.