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Recovery Solution for Client 7.1 Beta - CLOSED

Public Group | Founded: 13 May 2011 | Serving 553 members

Welcome to the Recovery Solution for Client 7.1 Beta!!

Please submit your feedback as soon as possible and focus your testing on RS 6.2 SP3/SP4 or 7.0/SP1 to RS 7.1 upgrade.

Long awaited Recovery Solution for Client 7.1 Beta is here. Feature highlights:

–      SMP 7.1 (64-bit+SQL 2008+native IE8) support for RS Solution

–      2008 R2 64-bit support for RS Server (emulation)

–      Win 7 64-bit support for RS Server (emulation)

–      SQL 2008 support for RS Server

–      Inclusion of existing 7.0 SP1 hotfixes

–      Win 7 SP1 support

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New discussion 17 Sep 2015
Question: Is there a way on SSIM that you can find or calculate the total number of clients/PCs that are in the console??? Any takers. Thanks
discussion comment 27 Jun 2011
New idea 03 Jun 2011
I wonder to know if you have any plans for ITA Dashnoards/Reports for later RS BETA of for Final Release. Jan