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Symantec Management Platform (SMP)

Public Group | Founded: 17 Nov 2009 | Serving 523 members

Welcome to the Symantec Management Platform (SMP) Developer Group, which is a private group within the Symantec Connect community that provides a shared space for Symantec partners and employees who are developing solutions for the SMP.  Access to the SMP group on Symantec Connect is governed by a partner agreement. The content for this group is private and only seen by members of this group. 

You may request membership to the group if you are a registered member of the Symantec Developer Program currently developing a solution for the SMP, or if you are a Symantec employee. If your company wants to develop a software product upon the SMP, please visit Symantec Developer Program for information about signing up for the program.

For more info or to join the program, click here.

As a member of the Symantec Management Platform (SMP) Developer Group, you can post content publicly or privately (see Group Posting Reminder below). When creating content, please make sure to mark your content as private (unless you want the information to be viewed publicly).

SMP Developer Library
Click Symantec Management Platform Library to browse a familiar tree populated with documentation for solution developers. (For registered SMP Group members only.)

Group Posting Reminder

All posts can be marked as private or public. Please note that when posting, the default setting is public. You must uncheck the “public” box if you want your post to appear as private. Only public posts are visible unless the user is an approved group member and is signed in to Symantec Connect.

Group Activity

New idea 09 Jan 2014
Dear Symantec, At the moment, I work for a firm where the CeM agent needs to be installed via end users that do not have administrator permissions on their PCs and instead, we need to log into the machines via Administrator users and remotely run the ...
New discussion 09 Oct 2013
IT Management Suite 7.5 is now available and you can access all the product documentation from the following location: The product documentation specific to IT ...
New 12 Aug 2013
New article 11 Jul 2012
Our team has recently come across an interesting compilation error and I thought I'd share our findings here in case someone else runs into the same issue. It took some time to figure out what caused the compilation error, so our findings will ...
New article 13 Jun 2012
Reasons for the change Product management had decided that CMDB should be a feature some time ago and has been distributing free licenses to the users. In response to this Asset/CMDB team has made the necessary changes to allow CMDB to be ...