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Southern California Data Loss Prevention User Group

Public Group | Founded: 13 Oct 2010 | Serving 66 members

Welcome to the Southern California Data Loss Prevention User Group website!

If you live in Southern California and use Symantec (Vontu) Data Loss Prevention, we invite you to join our User Group!  To become an official member, click the "Request Membership" button (you must log into Connect first).

Why join our User Group and attend our meetings?

  • Learn and share best practices
  • Network with your peers
  • Find answers to challenges
  • Receive latest information on Symantec products
  • Earn Connect Points and redeem for prizes!
  • Enjoy free food!
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Group Activity

idea comment 31 Jan 2013
New event 13 Sep 2012
Please join us for our next user group meeting on Wednesday, October 3! Agenda: DLP for Cloud – Presented by Ben Yang, Symantec Roundtable Discussion   Lunch will be served! Location: Symantec 900 Corporate Pointe Laguna Conference ...
New idea 30 Mar 2012
Hi Guys, Again sharing one more idaeas, All my ideas are comes from my requirements when i am working on the DLP to perform diffrent tasks. This is new idea which i suggest to symantec to include this feature in their DLP application. This is mainly ...
New idea 30 Mar 2012
Hi Guys, As we are getting reports from DLP console which has large no. of incidents for different users.As no. of incidents are high but the user aginst those user may be less. so to find out how many unique users who vilating the policy , we ...
New idea 27 Mar 2012
Hi guys, Here i m sharing one more idea related to report. As i am working on DLP , i need to present some reports with apropriate closing cases remarks/note. So i can export incident details but not with Note. so i suggest to symantec consider this as ...
New idea 24 Mar 2012
Hi think, DLP should have action taken status for each incident which can be useful for report pupose . This will classify the trend of action which will ultimately point out the status of DLP impact and org. security. Regards Kishorilal