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Symantec Customer Advisory Program – Enterprise Security

Public Group | Founded: 09 Jul 2009 | Serving 125 members

The Customer Advisory Program is a global initiative that focuses on creating a stronger customer relationship. It incorporates customer feedback into product planning, and increases the customer’s ability to shape the future direction of our products. It also provides a vehicle to share and learn experiences with other high profile customers.

Product Excellence through Effective Collaboration


We believe that building great software begins and ends with the customer – by understanding your business objectives for governance, risk management and compliance, and the challenges you face in getting there, we can build better software solutions to help you realize your goals. To that end, the Symantec Security & Management team has created a Customer Advisory Program (CAP) for our most valued customers and partners. This forum will provide members of the user community the opportunity to provide feedback, advice and suggestions directly to the Product Management team(s), which will influence strategic direction and next generation of products.


The primary objectives of the Customer Advisory Program are:
• Discuss current and future customer objectives for our solutions, and identify specific investment areas in which can our solutions be used to facilitate achieving these goals
• Identify the ‘real world’ use cases and deployment scenarios of our products, and incremental opportunities for current product improvements
• Prioritization product enhancements

Member Benefits

Participation in the Customer Advisory Program will have the following benefits:

• Direct access to the Product Management team
• Ability to influence product direction and feature prioritization
• Insight into advanced information on product plans and roadmaps
• Access to early releases of software

Member Requirements & Responsibilities

The Customer Advisory Program is by invitation only, and requires the following:

Prerequisites for Membership:

• Active use of a single or multiple Symantec Security product(s) in production
• Currently entitled to software maintenance & support
• A properly executed non-disclosure agreement
Membership responsibilities:

• Active participation in all CAP meetings
• Review development deliverables and provide feedback
• Hold all customer materials and design documents in strict confidence

Meeting Objectives & Timing

CAP meetings will be called by Symantec, and typically aligned with the product development lifecycle. Objectives for the meetings will typically focus on one of the four areas below:
I. Security Strategy: Identify key strategic trends in IT, and how software solutions can address them
II. Product Strategy: Identifying specific requirements/investment areas for product roadmap
III. Technical Design: Review high level product specific designs for the next upcoming release
IV. Beta Testing: Early access to pre-release versions of software

Meeting format and venue will be based on the objectives, and hosted at one of the following locations:
• Symantec facilities
• In conjunction with an industry conference
• Select CAP member location(s)
• Audio/web conference
Symantec will provide at least 60 calendar days notice prior to in-person meetings.

Membership Expertise

Symantec requests CAP members send representatives with experience and expertise commensurate with the meeting objectives, namely:
I. Security Strategy: CISO or direct report
II. Product Strategy: Director-level, Senior-Level or above
III. Technical Design: As determined by the CAP member
IV. Beta Testing: As determined by CAP member

Membership Commitments

CAP membership is for 18 months, unless the member resigns, or fails to attend 2 consecutive CAP meetings without prior notice. At a minimum, Symantec will host 1 annual meeting, and typically, hosts quarterly meetings as well. Travel and Expenses for in-person meetings will be paid for by the member company unless otherwise stated; audio/web conferencing will be provided by Symantec.

Group Activity

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