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Washington DC Endpoint Management User Group

Public Group | Founded: 09 Jun 2005 | Serving 109 members

Welcome to the Washington DC Endpoint Management User Group website!

If you live in the Washington DC area and use any Endpoint Management products, we invite you to join our User Group! To become an official member, click the "Request Membership" button (you must log into Connect first).

Why join our User Group and attend our meetings?

  • Learn and share best practices
  • Network with your peers
  • Find answers to challenges
  • Receive latest information on Symantec products
  • Earn Connect Points and redeem for prizes!
  • Enjoy free food!
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Group Activity

New discussion 21 May 2012
How do I reset this? I added a second "All Windows Servers" group to this view but can't figure out how to clear it out? Also, is there a way to customize this so it only shows Resource groups that have resources in them. For instance, ...
New discussion 16 Apr 2012
We are trying to query the groups that have access to a folder in a CIFS share thats on our SAN. I can discover the share and the directories no promblem. However when I run the Import Entitlements task I get this error for each folder: ...
New discussion 03 Apr 2012
I have a dialog workflow that for the most part works fine. Except for one part. At the start of the workflow I need to query for all tasks in a given folder. Currently there are only two items. However 9 times out of ten when the workflow gets to ...
New discussion 28 Mar 2012
Our internal developers have been inconsistent with their builds when it comes to the published company name. My CIO would like me to clean it up in Altiris while our dev team cleans up their installers and we re-deploy. I was hoping to use a CMDB rule ...