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Workspace Virtualization and Streaming

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If you are interested in learning more about Workspace Virtualization, Workspace Streaming, VDI, BYOD, or desktop virtualization, please join our Group!

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New idea 16 Apr 2015
Hello all, I noticed that if you have a GROUP A which is provisioned for a specific application and you have a GROUP B which is a member of GROUP A (so all memebers of GROUP B are also provisioned for that application) and you look up group ...
New discussion 13 Feb 2015
Just curious if anyone has implemented a Service Broker solution on the SMP database? Anything being used in a custom workflow? Would it cause any issue if Service Broker was enabled on the SMP database? Thanks, Kevin
New idea 30 Jan 2015
Add to future releases of Workspace Streaming/Virtualization: Enhanced Monitor>Active Users search/filtering capibility on the Admin Console. Add Application Name header and ability to search by Application Name under Monitor>Active ...