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Allow Dictionaries with "Subject only" Compliance policy

Created: 15 Jan 2010 | 2 comments
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Content Filter Policy template only allows the use of Dictionairs in the Subject/Body/Attachment section.  There is no way to implement a compliance policy that uses a dictionary to scan just the subject line for matches.

While you could use a Pattern under "Text in this specific part of the message", many find RexEg overly complicated for this task.

Add Radio option/drop down in "Text in this specific part of the message" that allows user to select a dictionary.

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The fact this feature is missing means my content filtering rules need to be extensive to manage security classification for inbound and outbound mail:

I need to pick up [SEC=<CLASSIFICATION>] in the subject, but not in the body of an email since the context may be that of an example of how to classify an email.

The dictionary option would also be handy in the message header section, for example:

I need to perform lookups on header:  x-classification & x-protective-marking

Where dictionary might include:  unclassified, personal, unofficial

But I do not want to trigger a rule if these words are found in the body of the email.

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Agree with this idea. Hope in next release this idea can be implemented, just got many false positives matching words in the body while i only want matches in the subject.


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