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App Provisioning based on User, MachineName(serial number) or a combination of both

Created: 13 Oct 2009 • Updated: 29 Jul 2010 | 2 comments
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I think it would be very beneficial to have other items that can define what machine an app is provisioned to, rather than simply the user id.  In an environment when people do switch machines from say a headquarters site to a DR site and you only want the streaming/virtualized app available at DR.  You could set up 2 streaming environments, but then you also have to manage 2 environments.  If you set up a nice load balanced system that covers many of your sites, you can manage everything think in a single place.

Since we already use LDAP and get user information, would it be possible to get computer information as well.  So, if I only want to allow application X to be available for user Y on computer Z, that is the only computer the icons show up on.  Currently, if I provision a user for a licensed app and they begin using it on their normal production machine, then they travel 15 miles down the road to a DR site, the app icons show on this machine as well.  The issue I am running into is setting up many users to be ready to use an application at the DR site if necessary.  However, as soon as I provision them, this app appears on their normal day to day machine.

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That is a very common use case that requires targetting based on machines that Workspace streaming currently does not support. It is possible to use a script to filter out the apps on each system after the user logs in. But, it is additional work. Also, it is not a very elegant or scalable solution. 

This is an item in the requirements backlog that we haven't gotten to yet. Hopefully, we can get it in one of the future releases in 2010.

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Still looking for this feature in a future release. A simple filter on Computer OU would be acceptable. That way my VDI, physical machine, and Citrix session can get differnet applications sets for the same user.

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