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Authenticated Proxy Awareness for MSM/Update Dialogs

Created: 28 Sep 2010 • Updated: 13 Oct 2010 | 1 comment
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FEATURE REQUEST: Authenticated proxy Support.
Issue: Wise does not support the configuration of authenticated proxies for web-based activities which include; web applications, update checks, merge modules, etc.
Cause: No proxy configuration for the program. We operate Wise as a Virtual machine (bridged connection), logged on as a local administrator account, on a non-domain "Windows XP Professional SP3" install. We are, however, behind an ISA server configured as an authenticated proxy server. The only ways to achieve internet connectivity would be to;
  1. Add the computer to the domain, block policy inheritance, add an AntiVirus prduct (as required by site policy), log on as my user account (which will also take a re-configure of WISE as it's a per-user application), add the "Microsoft Firewall Client", update the global exceptions to block all the new application and domain settings, etc... 
  2. Or convince our network administrator to create a MAC Address exception in the firewall policy to allow this computer to run unauthenticated - unlikely to be approved... 
  3. Or convince the makers of WISE to include support for authenticated proxy servers, and as such, allow me to authenticate with my domain credentials whenever an internet connection is required by the application.
To see what I mean, you can use this as an example:
  • Open "Wise Package Studio Professional 8"
  • Open "Windows Installer Editor"
  • Click on "Merge Modules"
  • Click "Add" within the Merge Module Wizard
  • Select "Download Redistributables" from the dialog
  • Select "Wise Web Site"
  • Then you get this: "An error occured while downloading information files necessary to continue the process"
NOTE: A similar sort of thing occurs when you get the "Check for update" prompt for the program.
This is more of an annoyance than a "show-stopper", but it is about time to support the feature, I think. An Enterprise product that creates Windows Installers is quite likely to be run behind a proxy server and should probably support a standard enterprise feature like proxy servers.
Possible Resolution: Just make the program authenticated-proxy-aware. I am not talking about a new "Options" dialog to set up proxy information, but if the OS on which WISE is run actually has a proxy defined, it would be nice if it were to use it. In the case of authenticated proxies, I am just hoping for a simple username/password box to handle the connection.
Like I keep saying, this is not a show-stopper at all... but when you need to manually load a browser, try to locate a resource to download and install, all instead of using the options in the software interface, then i consider that bad. Heck, even the Java Runtime updater now supports authenticated proxies, and that was the last thing I expected to get working. It just seems like a small change to save a bit of frustration.

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If not making the program proxy aware, at least make the Wise MSMs available for download.

I had to pull down the entire MS Driver Development Kit, search through it for the DifxApp Merge Module and then copy it across to the relevant WPS folder. I'm not even sure if this will work (Wise didn't appear to load it correctly).

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