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Blocking USB sticks

Created: 27 Mar 2010 | 4 comments
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How about an option ti block USB sticks with viruses found on them or at least tag them and send a report to the administrator

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The current product has a feature called Application & Device Control. If you use the Device control option, you can specify for e.g. to block all USBSTOR* devices, specifically allow select USB drive to work.

Check out Chapter 31 of the Administration Guide for more details.

Alan Lee

Sr Manager, Product Management,

Advanced Threat Protection

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as far as I know we can today not distinguish USB STicks with malicious code and USB Sticks without malicious code to take a decision on handling. But I like the idea.

Nevertheless what you can do is, using the SNAC component to apply a different policy. e.g. when an infection is identified on a machine that a Device and Application policy is applied that disallows usage of USB sticks or may be executing files from USB sticks. The measure you take can can vary from very stickt to very loose .o

This is possible today and gives you a very close result to what you are looking for.


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Checking antivirus on a USB port connected to Hp t5540 thin terminal. The terminal is running on a Windows 2003 terminal server.
Hp thin client t5540 itself are running Win Ce 6.0. All terminal server is protected with Symantec Endpoint Protection Win32 11.0.5002.333, with a terminal server termplate.
My customer need accession to USB port for copying files. Is that possible?

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that is true if I know the name of the USB stick
what I meant is if I do not know the name

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