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concept to eliminate hackers once and for all

Created: 31 Jan 2011 | 3 comments
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Instead of detecting, isolating and quarantine malicious programs, all anti-virus programs should allow those programs to do their job and return with the desired information to the hackers but automatically attach a virus to the identified malicious program that would destroy the hacker's hard drive. Even if the hacker detects the bundled threat he would have to delete all incoming information to protect his system thus rendering any information stream useless.
The best part: there are no legal consequences because those programs would only be attached to illegal (i.e. criminal) attempts to steal information.

Let me know if this concept is of interest to you.

                                                            With very best regards,

                                                                  Klaus Sander

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Lololol laugh

It's certainly interesting...dunno how feasible/useful/realistic it is though. It's kinda funny...'cause then they'd need to get an AV to protect themselves from the people they're trying to attack...ironic lolol.

This shouldn't have been down-voted so much surprise

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....and I already have a title for this version of AV - Ukranian Protection Manager :)

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Well I had a similar concept when researching IDS/IPS networks solutions. An active IPS solution that would use already known exploits to give a "friendly nudge" to an intruder.  The concept and actual placement is there, BUT there are legalities to be very aware of.... in using a machine to inturn "hack-back"  you yourself are commiting a cybercrime, even if it is in defense. You may be able to find some holes in the legalities and paperwork if this happens to be an isolated defense attack within your private network, but once it reaches a public IP, I would very much worry about being fined, or worse.  The only other thing to worry about, is the threat of a malious hacker getting a hold of a piece of software or soft/hard appliance and twaeking it to do some automatic attacks- much like a old fashioned war-dialer, or autodialing systems for phones. That is a very big issue since the act of pirating software is still out there.

Adam St. George
Bombshell Networks

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