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Custom Report request

Created: 01 Dec 2010 | 10 comments
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I would like to suggest one change in Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM) 11.x/12.x. There are plenty of pre-configured reports in SEPM with manny different columns. I imagine that the majority of the reports are not used or they are used by the small part of the customers.

There is one thing which is missed - you do not have the possibility to create your own report. For example - you want to have the list of machines containing these information:

computer name

computer IP address

Operating System

You can find a report (maybe more) where you see these information together with other columns. Why don't create the possibility of configuring custom reports? There should be a list of potential information, you would check the boxes you are interested in and launch the report.

Please agree with that idea in order to have it in the future releases of SEPM 11.x/12.x

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good idea

Francesco Chiarini,
Supervisor, Enterprise Support Services
Europe, Middle East & Africa
Symantec Services Group (SSG)
Symantec Corporation

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Excellent idea!

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I agree!



Symantec Technical Specialist
Symantec Certified Specialist
Cisco Certified Network Associate
Citrix Certified Administrator

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Russ Stewart's picture

There's no way for Symantec to anticipate all the reports we might want to build.. so why not give some basic customization options and make everyone happy.

I currently am shocked and frustrated to not be able to run a report that lists machines with virus definitions out of date (client name/group/virus definition date)

I can sort of get this information in alerts.. but I want a report to send to the boss, not potential spam.

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Have you tried following option?

There are few nice articles, you can go through them as well.

Metrics using data from SEPM

Metrics using data from SEPM (Part2)

Metrics using data from SEPM (part three)

Also check following articles:

About Computer Status reports and logs

About the different types of Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Reports

Saving and deleting filters

Chetan Savade
Social Media Support Lead
Enterprise Technical Support

Don't forget to mark your thread as 'SOLVED' with the answer that best helps you.<

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David Da Fonseca's picture

Like somebody said, I would love to be able to create a reports with a list of selected field.

I think Symantec could had a report named "custom reports" and when you select it, it opens a page with all the fields contains in all reports and here you can select all informations you need and create a report.

This reports should be available in this three panels : Notifications, Quick Reports and Scheduled Reports.

If it's not possible, at least in Scheduled Reports !

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John Nieradka's picture

even something as simple as Computer Status > Computer Client Details Report

with definitions older than  X  days  (where X is configurable)

The current options of within 30 days, over 30 days, within 90 days, over 90 days or specific definition set  are not practical when you want to schedule repeating reports.

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SiriusTheDogstar's picture

This reporting request still not applied. Is this request so difficult to have for SEP? All the reports generated in SEPM are full of columns I do not need. I spend almost 10-15minutes filtering out and removing some of these columns each and everyt single time I want to lok at somethig.

Please give us the choice to choose the columns we need/require and reporting is very important for me to check my compliance levels in my organsisation.

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HotRob's picture

I'd like a report much like you can view in the Monitors/Logs where you can see the clients for a site/client group and see what version of SEP it's running, the last time it checked in and it's current definitions.

The "Computer Status/Client Inventory Details" it's not ordered very nicely (i.e. by computer name) or actually any particluar column that i can discern but it seems to do the trick for the client information i want to have.



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