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Delete "Discover Targets" without deleting incidents

Created: 21 Jun 2010 | 1 comment
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In order to delete a scan server (for example Network Discover) you need to delete the Discover targets associated with the server,
and when you try to delete the discover targets you need to delete the incidents associated with the discover target.
This feature enhancement is divided into 2:
1) Allow the deletion of discover targets without deleting the incidents - I cant understand why should i lost valuable data just because i want to delete the scan that found those issues/Incidents!
2) Allow to change the discover server responsible for the discover scans on the fly (meaning that on the discover scan settings i will be able to choose on which discover server the scan would run).


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It would be nice to be able to delete the target without deleting associated incidents (or deleting the incidents for you when deleting the target), but we'd then need an "optimize" function to be able to find orphaned incidents since so much of DAR reporting is based around targets, I would think...

Finding response rules not in use, finding statuses not in use, finding policies with 0 incidents, etc., are all the types of things I'd like to see under an Optimize feature.

Alex Foley

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