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Export and Import of Configuration (not just policies)

Created: 22 Jun 2009 • Updated: 01 Jul 2009 | 3 comments
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If such a feature already exists, please point me to it ... but in the absence of that:

In Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (and in other Symantec products such as BackupExec), it would be very helpful to have the ability to Export the entire management configuration for a server, and then be able to Import it again later into SEPM if needed. e.g.

-- if the embedded database gets corrupted (as has happened to me) I would
---- export my configuration (policies, groups structure/names, clients in groups, administrator settings, etc etc)
---- uninstall / reinstall SEPM
---- import my configuration

I do understand that it is possible to export/import policies, but isn't it the case that an SEPM configuration is much more than just what the policies are?

Having this feature would turn a 1-2 day job into a 30 minute job.

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I agree 110% with Frosty, Iam only doing a POC and it strikes me DR would be a needlessly drawn out process

It Would be nice to be able to export your group structure For DR. It would also be nice to export all of the policies in one go as a DR file etc

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Agree 111% with Frosty and NFIDE1, but would like to add that it needs to either be scriptable so I can run it as a Scheduled Task, or (preferably) the export can be scheduled through the SEPM GUI.

I'm not entirely sure how this would work with OU-imported Groups if AD has changed since the export, but I guess that any OUs whose GUID matches whatever is in the exported config should obtain the Policies previously assigned that GUID. But while the export functionality will be useful regardless, the possibility will remain that the import will not be perfect, and one could find a Group that has inherited policies applied because its OU was created after the export. I guess the import process would have to notify you of that condition.

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I need it too.

Does anyone has an idea?

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