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Feature Request: Add "bi-weekly" schedule in the Maintenance Windows

Created: 28 Jan 2011 | 2 comments
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I suggest to add "bi-weekly" in the Maintenance Windows settings, in the "Repeat every" drop-down menu.

For example, our company wants to introduce Maitenance Windows at every pay period, which is bi-weekly.

Thank you!

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I suggest that additionally Maintenance Windows could be scheduled to occur every 'N' days or every 'N' weeks.

This would bring Maintenance Windows schedule settings in-line with currently available Shared Schedules settings.

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We currently have a patching cycle on NS 6 that runs every 5 weeks (I know not ideal, but it’s what we’ve inherited, and it would take months to get customers to agree to moving away from it).

There does not appear to be the functionality within 7 to specify a repeat schedule of every x amount of weeks. Can this be added? I am under great pressure to move 7 from my business in order to use the other functionalities within it, but cannot until this issue is resolved.

As jseaman states; the functionality is there for other schedules tasks so i dont it would be a big task...


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