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Feature Request: Add "At next Maintenance Windows" schedule for Inventory and Patch Management policies

Created: 28 Jan 2011 | 2 comments
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I suggest adding the option to choose "At next Maintenance Windows" schedule for all Inventory and Patch Management policies.

Currently, this option exists only for Software Delivery policies, as per the attached screenshot.

Thank you!

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Like it is with Microsoft integrated feature... Why not making at least, same as Microsoft ?

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For me the current setup of patch is ambiguous.  Unfortunately my misconception was a maintenance window was a period of time where anything was allowed to happen, patches, software delivery, etc.    In addition I believed that a patch policy with a specific schedule would ONLY kick at that date / time specified in the policy.   Also believed that the “override maintenance window” checkbox was a box you would use if you needed to send a patch in an emergency, say during business hours.  

Unfortunately for me this is completely wrong.   I now know from: that the maintenance window by default overrides all updates policies.   Unless I check the “override maintenance window”  box, by default an applicable box will get the update and conform to the rest of the policy, IE rebooting itself at the next check in.  

At the very least have some sort of explanation on the patch page, or a link to the link above.   It burned me yesterday, and from what I have heard, it has burned many others.   

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