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GUP's IP address / hostname validation

Created: 28 Jan 2011 | 3 comments
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In LiveUpdate Settings policy it is possible to set a Group Update Provider (GUP) for clients. However, Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager (SEPM) allows to select an option to use GUP while not enforcing to specify an IP address or hostname of GUP to be used.

As a result there is no enforcing mechanism to make sure that GUP was correctly set up.

I tried in my test environment and the client will receive such policy and will be aware of all the settings like port but of course will have no knowledge about GUP).

From the tests I performed I saw that such client will not update correctly. I received such errors in sylink log:

01/27 13:52:31 [1332] </CSyLink::mfn_DownloadNow()>
01/27 13:52:58 [3504] AH: (InetWaiting) time out. Timeout period: 320000
01/27 13:52:58 [3504] Throw Internet Exception, Error Code=4294967287;Internet Session Timeout

I suggest validating the files for GPU's IP or hostname ion order not to allow the sitatuion when a GUP is set but without specifying its address / hostname.

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Good suggestion, I agree

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good idea!

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I wonder, why it was not designed like this.

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