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List of logged in Altiris Users in the Console

Created: 25 Jun 2009 | 1 comment
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Hey Everyone,

If your organization is anything like ours, you have multiple Altiris users in different areas of your environment.  I know that you can go the local shares under computer management for the main Altiris server and see which users are connected up and which files they are using such as express.exe or the number of sessions open, but it would be nice if you didn't have to dig around on the main server and there was a button or area under the local console to prevent users from having to figure this out or login remotely.  This would also be nice in being able to diagnose or troubleshoot possible system overload by monitoring the users and connections versus the sluggish of the system.

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Yes This would be great!

I just added 80 admins for our software delivery team. We were discussing how we could load test the system where we have Hierarchy in place. It consists of a Primary NS and two children NSs. I agree it would be awesome to monitor their usage of the system to correlate periodic slowdowns and to retire accounts with infrequent usage. 

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