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Re-run Failed Tasks/Jobs in NS7

Created: 28 Jun 2009 | 3 comments
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In NS6 it was possible to double-click a task schedule under Task Status, select any machines that the task failed on, right-click, and choose Start Now to immediately re-run the task on those clients.  This was very convenient when you wanted to retry a task that had failed on some clients.  This option does not exist in NS7.  You can restart the entire task, with all of the devices that succeeded and failed, but to run the same task again on only failed clients you have to create a new schedule and manually add those clients to that schedule.

To duplicate what I'm describing you can create a task or job, create a new schedule that takes place sometime in the future (so it doesn't run now), and add several computers to it.  Once created, double-click that schedule to drill-down and see all the status of each computer.  In NS6 you can select an individual PCs, right-click, and start the task.  In NS7 the only options you get when you right-click on a PC are Details, View Computer, and Delete.

It would be very nice if this capability was restored in NS7.

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Was there ever a work around published for this? I am trying to accomplish this same task and it would be helpful than adding 100 clients manually.

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We've been able to work around this by creating jobs/tasks on recurring schedules for dynamic filters/targets that automatically remove successfully updated systems.

This might involve a client side requirement such as a custom inventory, software compliance detection, software installation filter exclusion, or a full software inventory.

For reference, there is a support KB here that is used for Duplicate GUID kit that is a SYMC built set of filter, job, and report that outline the basic principle:

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You can also go into the properties of that task, sort by status and delete all of the completed items and then rerun the job.  It would be nicer to have to option to just rerun on failed computers thought.

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