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Scan Progress Notification Options - SEP 11.06

Created: 07 Jun 2010 | 2 comments
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Right now I'm testing the options to permit users to pause or snooze scheduled scans (currently we do not display a notification), and had some concerns about the notification window.  If I enable the option to display scanning status, the pop up window appears right in the middle of the screen when the scan begins.  I'm concerned that this may be an annoyance to our users, who will have to manually minimize the notification window each time a scan is run.  In addition, the minimized window remains in the lower task bar for the duration of the scan.  I was wondering about the following enhancement options:

  1. Have an option to display the notification at the start of the scan, and have a timer running so that if the user wants to pause the scan... they can do so at the start of the scan.  If they do not select the option to pause the scan, then the notification window could minimize or disappear automatically. 
  2. It would be nice if by hovering over the Symantec icon, some sort of scanning status could be seen.  For example, I know that some applications can display a percentage status for downloading updates, so if you hover over that application icon, you can see the percentage complete.  My thinking is that if you had the display option set to not display a notification window, you could still see if a scan is running by hovering over the icon in the task bar.  It would also be helpful to see that a scan is in progress (in the status section) when you open the Symantec Endpoint client application). 

If there was a way to inform the user that a scan will begin shortly, and allow he or she at that time to pause or delay the scan, that would be great.  Then if they would like the scan to run, then it could do so in the background, without having to minimize the notification window. 


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Sometimes it is good to show a user things.  Other times not so good.  Do you want your helpdesk to get call or is all of the work on the admins head?

Senior Consultant @ Creative Breakthroughs, Inc. a Symantec Platinum Partner

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we find that popups/notification windows that appear when an admin scheduled scan starts are an issue because they take focus away from the active window, which really irritates users. On the other hand, if the user is to have the option to pause a scan, there has to be a visible popup. At the moment it is all or nothing.

If there was a way to give the user the awareness that a scan is running (W7 notification overflow message for x seconds that doesn't take focus) and the ability to access a pause button if required (right click on notification overflow and select an extra option "managerunning scan") that would be great.

The principle we would like to see implemented: allow the user to manage the scan progress without taking window focus the way the visible scheduled scan window popping up when a scan starts now does. Also, I have found that even with progress display is set to "show scan progress if risk detected", window focus is still snatched when the scan starts, even though there is no visible SEP scan window displayed! Using SEP 12.1 RU1 MP1 on W7 x64 Enterprise.

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