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Skip scheduled scan if end user scan complies to scan policy

Created: 21 Aug 2009 • Updated: 09 Jan 2010 | 5 comments
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Currently there is no feature available that will allow the scheduled scan to skip if an end user has already setup a manual scan schedule within the last xx days. For example:  say you create a policy in SEPM to initiate a full scan at 12:00pm every Thursday and about 20% of your employees complain that 12:00pm everything Thursday is inconvenient and should be changed. Instead of changing the scan to a different time—which might affect who knows how many more employees—we want to give the end user the ability to control their scan times but also comply with our corporate policy of ‘at least 1 full scan 7 days’. To make this happen we need a feature that checks if a user has run a full scan in the last 7 days, if they have, skip the scheduled scan at 12:00pm on Thursday. If they haven’t run a full scan in the last 7 days, force a scheduled scan at 12:00pm on Thursday. This will provide more end user control over scans and cut down on both SEPM administration and negative end user feedback.

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I like this suggestion - SEP definitely could use more flexibility with the scheduled scan setting. 

For now consider utilizing the pause/snooze feature which will allow the users to either pause the scan up to 180 minutes, or snooze the scan for 1 or 3 hours.   These options are configurable in the Advanced tab, Scan Progress Options when configuring an Administrator Defined scan.  Once you choose "Show Scan Progress" or "Show Scan Progress when Risk Detected", the snooze/pause options will be available.  Note that you can dissallow the user from stopping the scan but still allow them to pause/snooze.

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A good suggestion .While adding this feature I like to suggest some more options with this. There should be an option for enabling or disabling this feature .It will be more convenient administrator is able to configure like one scan (it can be full or active & definable by administrator) should be run in x (definable by administrator)days.

Please don't forget to mark your thread solved with whatever answer helped you : ) Thanks & Regards Aravind

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I am a strong believer in providing end-users with control that conforms to the intended policy.  E.g. allow users to set the time of their daily scan or weekly scan, with progressive re-try capability.  e.g. the user sets his scan for the evening say 21:00, his computer is off and he switches on at 08:00 the next day, AV tries to run the scan but the user is in a presetnation and selects to delay the scan by 2 hours, if by 17:00 the scan hasn't run then the AV system escalates the control and forces the scan to run.  This way users feel more incontrol and can manage their time appropriately. 

The example policy is that A virus scan must be performed in any given 48 hours and a full scan in any 8 days.

Keep the control with the Humans!!!

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We need to give the end users more control of their scheduled scan. While maintaining sufficient control to ensure it is run on a regular basis.    I'd like to see the capability to mandate a scan every x days and what/how the scan runs.  But allow the users to edit the day/time.    Pretty much the same as DanH suggests.

It would also be nice to allow the user to choose to have the scan run in background/foreground and have the the pause options available in the SMCGUI without having to have the scan in foreground.

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this sounds like a good idea, however it is unlikely that in an enterrpise environment with (tens of) thousands of users who are more concerned with doing their job than configuring SEP, that there will be any impactful no. of users setting up their own scans. Nonetheless, not a bad idea, I just don't think it will be of any use for large client bases. The more techy users might adopt setting up their own full scans and those who complain about the scheduled scans could be told of the option, but that all adds up in help desk/ deskside support costs which have to be minimised. We need better automation, not manual options!

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