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Status for "Exclude" Dialog Population

Created: 28 Sep 2010 • Updated: 13 Oct 2010
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FEATURE REQUEST: Process capture results before displaying and sorting
Issue: When capturing a large installation that contains either MANY File entries and/or MANY registry entries, the interface can become quite unresponsive while attempting to display and sort the entries into the post-capture list (for exclusions, etc). This can cause the application to grind to a halt and display "not Responding". When dealing with too many files/registry entries, the application has also previously crashed during this process - even when left alone overnight (though, at the time, it was likely due to some 90,000 registry entries), the capture didn't even finish populating the exclude dialog, it just broke.
In other cases, with much, much smaller captures, the long load times, lack of status of the load, and resulting refreshes and sort changes just get annoying. As soon as an application gets more than a couple of thousand files and some advertising information, the current dialog is not really appropriate.
Recommendation: Can we introduce a dialog/status-bar like the "Generating Reports" one until the dialog is ready to populate? It appears to me, that the program is attempting to read, add/sort, and do all kinds of display processing for every entry to be displayed, and this causes performance issues. I would like the program to work on the list behind-the-scenes and only display the results when they can be fully displayed without the constant refreshing. As it stands, you have no idea if the list has finished updating, and if you start selecting things for exclusion, you can lose your selections, have needed items suddenly appear within the selection, etc.
Either that, or we need to include "pages" of entries so that large captures load and display smalls ections at a time. because, while capturing things like "ESRI ArcVIEW", having the program still unresponsive after 24 hours of "loading" is not really appropriate. Sure there were something like 8,500 files and 92,000 registry keys (totalling 6GB), but still... it shouldn't be crashing the program or grinding it for THAT long.
Sure, this is not a show-stopper, and I have managed for years as-is... but I think if something is loading and is not ready for use yet, then we should see some sort of status. A loading screen, a percentage bar, even a spinning disc or hourgalss. Just something that let's me know that the process is still working, hasn't crashed, or has actually finished.