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Update a Target on demand

Created: 04 Jan 2011 | 6 comments
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Provide the ability to update a specific target on demand like you can with Filters. 

There is a connect forum post going on about this specific need.

This feature would be used to get policies to apply to PCs immediately.  If you have a policy that needs to be applied or removed from a computer the current design does not allow for this to happen immediately.  You must wait for the membership update schedule to pass which is upwards of an hour in large environments.  Then you have to wait for the PC to update its configuration which could be several hours more.  In NS6 you could just issue a command through the GUI or the ASDK to update a collection and then use the GUI or ASDK to update the configuration on the PC. 

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We also are feeling a lot of pain around this and absolutely need to have this work just like in NS 6.0 with the ASDK!!!!!!  Testing the workaround now but this need to be addressed by Product Management.

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+1. I really hope this gets addressed. Thank you.

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2 years later... any progress on adressing this?  Causing major issues for us as we move to ITMS 7.1.

Joe VanHollebeke
Systems Engineer

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5 years later and I don't see this implemented.. not sure what happened.

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Since 7.5 SP1 release you can see resource targets in ITMS Management views page and perform manual update of each selected resource target


--// "Resource Target" automatically updates during ech "Delta Update Membership" update (By default after each 5 minutes) if this "Resource Target" is included in a Policy and this Policy is enabled.

--// If "Resource Target" is not added in any policy or is added but Policy is disabled, then this target will not be updated during "Delta Update Membership" update.

--// If you want to force update "Filter(s)" from appropriate "Resource Target" which isn't in any policy or in disabled policy, then you can create "Update Filter Membership" task and run it.


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We want to be able to update the target from the asdk, programmatically not via the GUI.

The default is 5 minutes for the refresh but for my own environment we had to change this to every three hours because of our large number of policies and targets.

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