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Ability to delete wrong post

Created: 23 Sep 2012 • Updated: 12 Dec 2012 | 4 comments
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Please add the feature to delete the incorrect post in this forum ?

because so far I can only edit it and no feature to delete the wrong thread reply.

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I have just responded as follows to a the same idea here:

I have a distinct feeling that this *was* available by default for *all* users until some time recently, but the option was removed as in certain circumstances this was having a very detrimental affect on the flow & understanding of the affected discussions, & any replies thereon, if a user decided to delete a "nested" comment, or worse if the whole discussion suddenly 'disappeared'

The opportunity is *still* there, however, for you to edit said post - altho' personally I would be more inclined to edit the post by just adding a correction to same as opposed to deleting any content.

If you really feel that a post needs to be deleted I would send a PM to an Admin with your reasons & they can make the decision as to whether it would be warranted.


Further comments made on the linked Idea above, which may mean in some instances that your only recourse would be to PM an Admin for amendment or deletion.

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Andy is correct. Deleting or editing comments is not currently allowed (because of the reasons he stated).

If this idea gets enough positive votes from other Connect users, Connect management will revisit the idea and consider the suggested changes.

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When I accessed the page that you include in the reply somehow it was "deleted" :-)

We're sorry, but the author of this page has restricted access to it.

If you have questions about why you can't access this page, please contact us.

Kind regards,

John Santana
IT Professional


The author cannot accept liability for any loss or damage sustained as a result of the content of this post.

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How b****y ironic!?!

It looks like that post *was* deleted - that's a ..... do you know I'm SO annoyed! angry

Anyway, the upshot of *that* particular conversation was that this functionality *was* removed due to the confusion that *sometimes* (HA!!) arises when authors either delete or edit their posts to such an extent that a discussion can become .... well .... unintellligible. This functionality certainly is no longer there if posts have been replied to specifically, but as you've just  found there's absolutely nothing to stop you from deleting the whole discussion - may be worth getting that changed too now!

So you have a few options at the moment:

  • if your particular post hasn't been replied to you *may* still be able to edit, not sure, but for forum etiquette I would note that it has been editted on the post - what & why etc
  • if editting isn't possible create a new post referencing the awry one with corrections etc
  • contact an Admin (or TA maybe, not sure) to edit
  • get all your family, friends, pets & colleagues to vote for this Idea so Connect Management may reconsider their position on this functionality - not sure from experience I'd want it back!
  • delete the entire discussion (if you started it) NOT RECOMMENDED AT ALL!! DON'T DO IT!!

Best of Luck!

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