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Ability to import individual organizational units without children

Created: 23 Apr 2013
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It would be very helpful if there was a way to import OUs from Active Directory without necessarily importing the children.  As it stands, if you import an OU from Active Directory, it imports all children objects below the parent you have selected.  This automatically applies the policy from the parent until you uncheck it.  However, at this point, if you have an OU beneath this that needs to be managed differently, you are forced to either uncheck policy inheritance from each OU group that is affected and apply the policies individually to each OU.  If I were wanting to move all of these OUs that needed a different policy to a separate group, I can't because it already exists.  If I wanted to do something like this:

+PC Desktops




+Special Policy PCs


...I should be able to if it were like every other AD integrated program, but can't because the "Special Policy PCs" is under "PC Desktops" in AD.  We should be able to make your program(s) work around what we have in place, not have to work around what is "by Symantec design".