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Activity Center / Enhanced Console prereq's

Created: 28 Nov 2013 • Updated: 03 Dec 2013 | 1 comment
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In 7.1 but also in 7.5 I have found there are circumnstances where Activity Center / Enhanced Console is not working, eventhough there are no real errors.  If you select Manage/Computers, you'll just get the the "old" NS tree and not the nice "outlook-based" console.

There is a work-around like

- remove Silverlight and start Console to have the console install Silverlight

- remove HF.msi and AcitivtyCenter.msi in that order and install them in correct order with elevated rights and the SKIMAIM=1 parameter.

But this is not always working as the reason why it fails is not fixed.  I understand items that could influence this Activity Center are UAC, Domain Policies, etc...

Can Symantec provide a list of in-detail prereq's for this item like Policies that should NOT be enabled during installation, or should not be active period.

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Yes, I spotted the same issue. Sometimes the enhanced views just do not load and old style tree is there.

My workaround is select Manage > item one more time and usually next time the page loads properly.

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